Enjoy this great fun challenge moving this Hamster to its goal
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Hamsterball is a great fun game were the main objective is to guide this hamster and its ball to the end of the road. Each road of this game will challenge you with different scenarios and obstacles. Move your hamster inside of his ball to the exit of each road. This game allows you to play a tournament, different time trials and mirror tournaments. You can select different difficulty modes like pipsqueak, normal or frenzied, you must unlock frenzied mode that is only for experts. This game has a time trial, where you must reach the goal before the time is up, time remaining will give you extra bonus points. Playing this game is very easy, you can use your mouse or your keyboard, press the arrow keys in order to move the hamster ball in the direction of your selection or move your mouse to guide your ball. Don't let the ball fall down in the limit of the scenario or the ball will break. This game allows you to set options like music, volume and sound. Enjoy this great fun and challenge your ability.

Birgilio Rivera
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